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We search for highly profitable hotel real estate investments and hotel real estate portfolios which correspond to the following criteria:

Countries/Regions /Situation
Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Holiday area, city centre, airport.
Kind of utilization
3-5 star categories, established holiday hotels, business as well as airport hotels
Investment volume
From 10 - 100 million € per object, in particular cases also more than that, portfolios up to 200 million €.
Kind of utilization
3-5 star categories, established holiday hotels, business as well as airport hotels
Object state / construction year
Redeveloped, partly-redeveloped, pure renovation objects, constructions of all age groups
Rent yield
From 3.0%
Rental state
Long term/short term leases operator free desired.
Not interested in partly ownership and lease in perpetuity.

We ask you to submit only objects with detailed exposés. More about us on agency or by telephone via:
+49 (0) 7221 35 73 18


If you want to buy or sell a hotel, you must invest a lot of time. Since purchases as well as sales often involve high sums of money, you should allow yourself enough time with the selection of the right hotel broker. Often it can be helpful to rely on recommendations. Still it should be considered that the satisfaction of other customers will not always guarantee your own. Therefore, comparing several brokers is a worthwhile investment of your time.

The offered services will be similar to what most real estate experts offer. However, the quality can differ from broker to broker. Also, at the interpersonal level, brokers and their principals should get along well, because only then the necessary trust can be built up. First, it is recommended to compare several hotel brokers concerning their range of offer: Because the brokers will be similarly organized concerning their services which often rely on real estate marketing, principals should put a greater focus among other things on the following criteria:

  • Which objects does the broker exactly offer?
  • In which countries can objects be acquired?
  • Does the broker have the necessary contacts with the foreign partners who play a role in the purchase / sales of a foreign real estate (e.g., public notary)?
  • Are new buildings also possible?