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Hotel Business Development

Advice transaction


The development within the hospitality branch tends to lead to a separation of the ownership of the hotel real estate and the operational management. That is why new investors and private equity funds are increasingly looking for flexible forms of cooperation. For the hotel asset-management, this explains the need of hotel related know-how.

  • Are the interests of the owner or the renter in the existing operator contract considered in their best way possible?
  • Does the economic success of the operator correspond to the potential of the hotel real estate?
  • Is the cost structure of the operator incl. management fees and hidden costs appropriate?
  • How can the economic success of the hotel be seen in proportion to the market and competition?
  • Are the planning and budget values a realistic challenge for the operator and are there risks for budget errors?
  • Are there any turnover increasing or cost saving potentials?
  • Does the investment planning of the operator consider current trends or branch-related market developments accordingly?
  • Identification of an exit strategy for hotel real estate?