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We have gained our experiences from working all over the world. Strategy consultation of the Wellness and Ayurveda hotels in Sri Lanka, the creation of environmentally friendly hotel concepts in Croatia, standard hotel consultation of different hotel projects / Hotel concepts in Germany up to international contacts with investors. Our knowledge spectrum is always focused on the the essentials. 3 – 5* hotels, from business hotels to leisure hotels, from hotel re-openings up to hotel transfers of business, we feel \”at home\” everywhere.

Decades of experience combined with excellent international branch contacts, make us unbeatable in what we do.

This basis enables us to offer the perfect hotel consultation concerning the development and investment in your desired hospitality projects. Based on a reliable approach and a high degree of dedication to support your hotel management result-oriented, 

Agentur proFact distinguishes itself by its emphasis on personal relations with its customers and international branch contacts.

We assure to always deliver the best consultation and a wide range of solutions and results. In other words, our work is only finished, when there is nothing more to add. What we will do for you, if you decide to hire us

Our Service